Lacerte EF Updates


Problem: Because of new e-filing tax laws, more Lacerte users will be required to e-file. The current process is confusing and difficult.

Task: Design new solutions that improve the e-file process for first-time e-filers, while not introducing new barriers for our long-time e-filers. Reduce technical support calls and improve the overall satisfaction score for e-filing.

Solution: I came up with innovative solutions to improve the e-filing process for all our customers. The new designs improved the process by guiding our users to the next step in the process, this reduced confusion and increased e-filing success rates. I was able to save our user's valuable time by alerting them of critical errors as they were entering tax data. This saved them from confusing diagnostic errors later in the process.

Result: These new designs have already improved time saving by 3 and 30 minutes per return by catching missing critical efile data at the point of entry. And has reduce technical support calls by 35%.

"This is the most significant customer-facing update to the product in years." - Senior Leader Team Member

Designed in Adobe Photoshop

portfolio examples available upon request